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Save 20% off your first Beauty order. Use code 20FORYOU
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My Love of Candles

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Tammy Williams Founder of Sand and Style Candles

As a busy working mum, I've always ended my day by burning a beautiful scented candle. This is an essential, not a luxury for health, wellness, mind and body. No matter how busy I am, it's a little ritual I love and I rarely miss.


Candles are my form of meditation, once lit the entire ambiance softens and quietens. With a candle alight I come home to my heart, whether alone in the bath or entertaining among loved ones. In my life, candles are a must, so I created a collection everyone can enjoy.

Growing up in Australia, my favourite memories are of days at the beach. It's still my happy place and where I am most relaxed. This love of all things sun, sand and ocean led me to curate a range of aromatic candles reminiscent of my favourite beaches and coastal resorts around the world.

From Byron Bay to Bali, Positano to Waikiki; I wanted to make something that would transport me and you instantly to a treasured place, even on those days when working or indoors.

The brand values of Sand & Style, are to create beautiful products of the highest quality and deliver a friendly service where clients can enjoy the process of choosing candles that "take them to the ocean" and remind them of their happy place.

Tammy Williams - Founder of Sand & Style

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